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Alabama Units:
1st Infantry.
2nd Infantry
3rd Infantry
4th Infantry
5th Infantry
6th Infantry
7th Infantry
8th Infantry
9th Infantry
10th Infantry
11th Infantry
12th Infantry
13th Infantry
14th Infantry
15th Infantry
16th Infantry
17th Infantry
18th Infantry
19th Infantry
20th Infantry
21st Infantry
22nd Infantry
23rd Infantry
24th Infantry
25th Inf.
26th Infantry
26th-50th Infantry
27th Infantry
28th Infantry
29th Infantry
30th Infantry
31th Infantry
32nd Infantry
33rd Infantry
34th Infantry
35th Infantry
36th Infantry
37th Infantry
38th Infantry
39th Infantry
40th Infantry
41st Infantry
42nd Infantry
43rd Infantry
44th Infantry
45th Infantry
46th Infantry
47th Infantry
48th Infantry
49th Infantry
50th Infantry
51st Mounted
52nd Infantry
53rd Mounted
54th Infantry
55th Infantry
56th Mounted
57th Infantry
58th Infantry
59th Infantry
60th Infantry
61st Infantry
62 Infantry
63rd Infantry
64th Infantry
65th Infantry
First Cavalry
Second Cavalry
Third Cavalry
Roddy's 4th Cavalry
Russel's 4th Cavalry
5th Cavalry
6th Cavalry
7th Cavalry
6th Cavalry
II._Ninth Cavalry
10th Cavalry
11th Cavalry
12th Cavalry
4th Battalion
5th Battalion
18th Battalion
23rd Battalion
1st Confederate
3rd Confederate
8th Confederate
10th Confederate
15th Confederate
1st Conf. Battalion
1st Battn. of Artillery
Ketchum's, Garrity's Battery
Jeff Davis Artillery
Hardaway's Battery
Water's Battery
Gage's Battery
Waddell's Battery
Emery's Battery
Bellamy's Battery
Selden's, Lovelace's Battery
Eufaula Light Artillery
Sengstak's, Barrett's Battery
Fowler's, Phelan's Battery
Andrew's, Lee's Battery
Hanie's Battery
Charpentier's Battery
Lumsden's Battery
Semple's Battery
Kolb's Battery
Tarrant's Battery
Clanton's Battery
Ward's, Cruse's Battery
Miscellaneous Commands

Fifty-Fourth Alabama Infantry Regiment

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Alabama, Her History, Resources, War Record, and Public Men from 1840 to 1872. by W. Brewer, 1872

This regiment was made up of six Alabama companies of the First Alabama-Miss-Tenn. Regiment of Col. Baker of Barbour, and four Alabama companies of the regiment of Col. L. M. Walker of Tennessee. These companies had been captured at Island Ten, after nearly a year's arduous service above Memphis. Organized at Jackson, Miss, October 1862, the Fifty-fourth operated in the vicinity of Vicksburg during the winter. It fought at Fort Pemberton with light loss, and at Baker's Creek with equal result. Having escaped Vicksburg by moving with Gen. Loring from Baker's Creek, the Fifty-fourth was soon after at the siege of Jackson. It was then transferred to the army of Gen. Bragg. The regiment wintered at Dalton, and was engaged in the campaign from there to Atalnta, when the Army of Tennessee disputed the ground inch by inch, and stained those inches with blood. The regiment lost severely at Resaca, and at Atlanta July 22. The loss was very heavy at Atlanta July 28, more than half the regiment being killled and wounded, and the flag perforated by forty bullets. Having moved with Hood into middle Tennessee, the Fifty-fourth shared the privations and disasters of that campaign. Transferred to North Carolina, its colors waved defiantly at Bentonville, its last battlefield. A remnant only were surrendered with the forces of Gen. Johnston.


Colonels -- Alpheus Baker of Barbour; captured at Island Ten; wounded at Baker's Creek; promoted. John A. Minter.
Lieut. Colonels -- John A Minter of Coffee; captured at Island Ten; promoted. Thaddeus H. Shackelford.
Majors -- Thaddeus H. Shackelford of Mississippi; captured at Island Ten; promoted.
Adjutants -- Horace M. Smith of Barbour; died in service.


Coffee -- I. T. Law; captured at Island Ten, and Atlanta.
Limestone -- Charles W. Raisler; captured at Island Ten, and Baker's Creek.
Chocta -- Jonas Griffin; captured at Island Ten; resigned. Charles C. McCall.
State of Mississippi -- A. J. Evans; captured at Island Ten; wounded near Atlanta.
Coffee -- Lewis J. Laird; captured at Island Ten; wounded at New Hope.
Chocta -- Joshua Morse; till re-organized. Wm. S. Smith.
Macon -- John H. Christian; captured at Island Ten.
Blount, Morgan, Limestone -- ....Whitfield; resigned. Porter Bibb; till re-orgnized. S. C. Twitty. Lieut. G. L. Brindley commanded.
State of Mississippi --..... Wright. Lieut. Carpenter Commanded.
DeKalb -- Thomas H. Withers; captured at Island Ten and Canton. Lieut. Appleton commanded.

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